Like you, I'm a Prairie kid. I spent all 12 years of my primary school education in French immersion, and even went to the U of A's Francophone campus...

...and even I've had problems with my oral French getting a bit rusty.

I'm probably the biggest cheerleader for bilingualism that you'll find in all of Alberta, but I'll also be the first to say that having trouble speaking the other official language doesn't make you any less Canadian. Don't beat yourself up for having trouble keeping up with your French-instead, you should congratulate yourself for putting the effort into getting it back!


This year, 2021, is the 50th anniversary of Canada’s official multiculturalism policy, which Pierre Trudeau introduced in 1971.

Multiculturalism was introduced in part to respond to the criticisms of the Laurendeau-Dunton Commission, which investigated language and social tensions in 1960s Canada. The Commission initially focused only on Canada’s Anglophone and…

Two facts, one fun and one more thoughtful:

Fun fact: Your countryman Gerald Portal, Britain's consul in Zanzibar, called the Ethiopians "savage and untrustworthy" but also praised their courage and national pride. He also presciently commented that Italy was making a serious mistake in underestimating "a gallant enemy because his skin happens to be chocolate or brown or black, and because his men have not gone through orthodox courses of field-firing, batallion drill or autumn maneuvers..."

Thoughtful fact: White historical figures apparently aren't the only ones whose legacies are being disputed these days. We in the West have probably heard about the criticisms of Gandhi and statues dedicated to him, but there are the same conflicts in Ethiopia today about Menelik II. Some people hail him as an anti-imperialist hero and Pan-African icon, while others deplore what they describe as his actions against their own ethnocultural group:

Do the subjects of the topics someone writes about also impact their success on Medium? The things I write about probably aren't all that "sexy" in that they're not big popular subjects. I'd never write about the "Free Britney" movement, anything to do with Star Wars or even that much about cancel culture (although some of my comments have indicated my problems with it) but the subjects I do write about are very important to me and I'm trying to do right by the causes and groups that I care about.

Jared Milne

Passionately devoted to Canadian unity. Fascinated by Canadian politics and history. Striving to understand the mysteries of Canada.

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