Hi there! My name's Jared Milne and I'm pleased to meet you. Welcome to my little corner of Medium!

I've been studying Canadian history and politics for over 20 years. I believe that, to understand where we're at now as a country, we need to understand how we got here. There are so many different groups in Canada, all with their own stories to tell. I'm dedicated to trying to understand their various points of view (Western, Quebecois, Indigenous, Black, Ukrainian, etc.) and what historic factors led to their having those viewpoints.

More than that, I'm dedicated to trying to find common ground between them. Is there a way to resolve the divisions we face as a country? Do different parts of Canada have more in common with each other than they realize? These are the sorts of things I'm trying to figure out, and to share with my fellow Canadians. I publish every few weeks, both the op-ed articles I write for my local newspaper and longer book reviews and essays on Canadian issues, including my annual Reflections On Canada Day.

I'm proud to be Canadian, but not uncritically so. I want Canada to live up to its rhetoric, to be the country we say it is. We aren't there yet, but I hope that my writings help us get there in my own small way.

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Jared Milne

Passionately devoted to Canadian unity. Fascinated by Canadian politics and history. Striving to understand the mysteries of Canada. Publishes every few weeks.