From East to West-Where does Canada go from here?

Left: Ufuk Zivana/Shutterstock. Right: Railway fx/Shutterstock

It’s no wonder so many Albertans feel like we’re being crapped on and being attacked as ‘blue-eyed sheiks’ despite all the contributions we’ve made to support the rest of the country.

Pro-pipeline activists protest in support of the Kinder Morgan pipeline (Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press)

I see so many valid points on both sides, and a lot of people worried about their families’ livelihoods and futures.

Volunteers clean up Ambleside Beach after an oil spill in West Vancouver, 1973. (Available at, provided by John Denniston)

One idea that I’m completely and totally against as an Albertan, though, is the idea of Alberta or Western Canada separating from Canada.

Passionately devoted to Canadian unity. Fascinated by Canadian politics and history. Striving to understand the mysteries of Canada.

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